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The first thing you'll learn about Wawang Lake Resort is 'we like photos'.  It's always been our policy to show you what we have and not just talk about it.  So we hope you'll enjoy going through our photos and who knows maybe you'll recognize a friend, acquaintance, family member or co-worker.  It's a small world!


We're not just all talk & like to show you what we have through photos


In addition to our outstanding fast action packed fishing we offer by far some of the best trophy fishing in Ontario.  The photos shown are of our trophy sized fish and as you'll notice there are plenty of them listed annually. We believe that pictures speaks a thousand words and we like to prove what we say and this is made possible thanks to dedicated guests and the diligence of our collecting and reporting this information.  

Wawang Lake's Percentage of TROPHY 40"+ Northern Pike  entries for Ontario:




Trophy walleye are abundant in Wawang Lake and we reported 42% of all trophy walleye recorded in Ontario by OFAH in the last three years.  Here is the last six years of our fishing photos with detailed information & photos

We’ve Hit An ALL Time Record
After careful tallying and uploading all our trophy fish information to OFAH (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters) the number of trophy fish is back—and it’s a BIG ONE!!

With a total of 918 Trophy fish for the 2015 fishing season this really does make Wawang Lake one sensational walleye and northern pike lake to fish & RANK us as the #1 fishing lake in ALL Ontario.   



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