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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What can I expect to catch?
  2. How many fish can I expect to catch ... ?
  3. How big are the fish in Wawang Lake ... ?
  4. Can I take fish home... ?
  5. What type of boats-motors do you have ... ?
  6. How long is the boat ride to the fish ... ?

What can I expect to catch?

  • Our lake offers some of the finest walleye and northern pike fishing in Ontario.  The proof is with OFAH (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters)  www.ontarioanglerawards.com  as we work hard each year to enter the fish caught on Wawang Lake so people can see exactly what our lake produces EACH YEAR.

    In fact: 
    One guests caught:  Five walleye over 30”, 40 walleye over 25”, over 100 walleye in one day and also landed a 42” northern.

    One group caught
      11 northern 40”+ caught out of 10 people and of course all were safely released.

    During the same week our total was 16 northern pike over 40”.  This is not including the many, many northern pike caught in the 35” to 38” range.

    Check out our PHOTOS

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How many fish can I expect to catch?

  • That’s a loaded question. Your catch rate will depend on many things, like the weather, water temperature and importantly your skill level and experience and most importantly how well you listen to our most current fishing information that we provide to you upon arrival. 

    Let’s put it in this way: even if you are a terrible angler you are sure you catch a dozen fish a day and most likely a lot more. A really good angler during ideal conditions (warm temps, sunshine and moderate winds) can bring 100 or more fish to the boat. Yes, that’s per day. We have had customers catch well over 200 fish a day.

    The pike fishing can be fast and furious and the walleye fishing is usually at specific times during the day. Anything under ten fish a day means you need to ask us for more information about technique, tackle (colors) and baits. We catch a lot of fish here and you will too!
     & remember there's a very good chance that you catch yourself a trophy fish or two......and even more!
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How big are the fish in Wawang Lake?

  • Everyone wants to catch a lot of fish and a lot of big fish. We don’t claim to have the biggest northern pike or walleye in Canada but we are in a perfect location to have huge sizes in both species.   Just like in the fairy tale 'at Wawang everything is just right'....

    Our top end on northern pike is 50”+ with very large girths and for walleye we get a few every year over 30” with the odd 34” to 35” with top weights at 17 lbs. In a good season we get close to a 700 trophy fish.   We catch a lot of northern pike in the 35-38” size, probably the hardest fighting size slot.

    We have many stories like this and they are all backed up with photo’s.   Wawang Lake continues to enter 50% of the northern pike recorded in Ontario that were over 40” and also 25% of the walleye over 25”.   This is all registered with OFAH and can be viewed at:  OFAH.   Wawang Lake is also the only resort/lodge that consistently shows photos of these catches annually.

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Can I take fish home?

  • Yes, absolutely.  You can take you’re limit of fish and eat as much as you’d like while you’re here, however, we encourage conservation fishing and appreciate our guests that do this.

    No trophy fish can be taken out of Wawang Lake or our portage lake.  Slot size as follows:

        Walleye:  You may keep one walleye between 18” – 21” and anything over 21”
       must be released
        Northern Pike:  All northern pike over 27 ½ “ must be released

    All the big fish go right back where they belong. It’s been that way on Wawang for many, many years and it shows. We really do have a lot of huge fish so you’ll have you’re chance at your fish of a lifetime too!

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What  type of boats-motors do you have?

  • The lodge has 15 1/2’ PRINCECRAFT Resorters and 14’ NADEN Canadian Lakers  boats with 15 HP Johnson - Evinrude outboard motors. They are all equipped with padded swivel seats, boat kits and necessary safety equipment required by law.  Our larger boats are reserved to guest with three or more people.

    Navigating on Wawang is relatively easy and we have marked any dangerous waterways or rocks with buoys. A detailed map of our lake is provided upon check in and we will mark off the most productive areas and inform you of what lures and baits to use along with technique and presentation.

    The boats are fuelled in the morning by 8:00 am and if you want to go out earlier please advise us the evening before and we can fuel you then.  However, in order to fuel at the end of the day it must be still daylight.  
    Boats are to be back at the lodge by dark as they are not equipped with navigation lights.  Don't worry though, you have plenty of daylight to fish in and you'll catch lots of fish and ready to get back to the comforts of your cabin.

    If you will be renting a resort boat/motor here is the necessary
    form to print & fill out prior to your arrival:

    Boater Rental Form

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How long is the boat ride to the fishing?

  • Many anglers who have been to Canada grind their teeth just thinking about the poundings they have had on some of the huge Canadian waters.  You'll be happy to know that Wawang Lake isn’t overly large but has a lot of water because of it’s depth.  Therefore, fish have a lot of room to move in making Wawang Lake a ideal fishing lake overall.

    Wawang Lake is a nice size and at 5,000 acres is ideal for our resort boats and for those bringing their own larger boats. The resort is centrally located and you'll be sitting over the fish in no time at all.
      Typically you will be fishing within five to fifteen minutes of leaving the dock depending on what fishing spot you decide on first.
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